Our Last Day of Thrifting for 2016


What a Fun Way to End the Year!

I couldn't think of any better way to have spent my New Year's Eve other than out thrifting with my hunk and our LuLu! We were thrifting locally in Decatur, and after a quick breakfast, we were on our way. We were hoping the neatniks had cleaned out their closets and tidied their houses after Christmas in preparation for the New Year. Let the thrifting begin!

First, we ventured to the Downtown Rescue Mission. When we got there, the sign on the door said they were having a 30% off sale. Yippee! And I was equipped with a $5 off coupon for being a loyal customer. Oh yeah! 

Our assumption was correct. Well, at least for Christmas items. They were being stocked as we shopped. I found an awesome "Noel" stocking hanger for $2.80 and a wreath base for $1.04! I also picked up some Christmas light clips for my hunk for $1.04 as well. He loves lighting our house up like Clark Griswald for Christmas, so they will definitely come in handy.


These nift...

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