Thrift Time Baby! Our First Thrifting Trip of the Year!

Thrift Time Baby!

The hunk and I made a goal for go junking more often!  So, of course, our first day of thrifting for 2017 had to be special and memorable.

We set out Monday morning with a certain destination in mind. However, about 15 minutes down the road, we had one of those eureka moments. This frequently happens between us, so we went with our guts and headed the opposite direction!


Holy High Prices Batman! 

Our new destination was The Foundry Super Thrift Outlet in Cullman, Alabama. If you have never heard of the Foundry's mission, go check out their site. It's for a great cause.

Once we got there, we immediately noticed that the items were waaaay overpriced! Like the first thing I picked up was a no-name vase for $24.99. Sure, they had some color coded tags that have percentages off, but those are placed on old stock they want to turn over, right? 

Even though prices were higher than expected, we did walk out of there with a couple of  items. The hunk got a snazzy name brand black corduroy blazer. I lucked up and found a camo Army jacket, for which I have great plans! Hehe!  We may have slightly overpaid, but our first mission was complete. We got out of there real quick like. On to the next one. 

Where to Next, My Dear?

Now we're up in the big leagues! Our next stop was The Foundry Super Thrift Outlet in Fairfield, Alabama. It is on the outskirts of Birmingham, so the journey there was about another hour or so. I had never been there, but the hunk swore I would not be disappointed.
Once we got there, I realized this place was huge! And stepping inside proved that this was the busiest thrift store I had ever been inside! 


The hunk made me browse through the random junk for a few minutes before he unleashed me to the store. Oh my gosh!!! Once I got to hit the housewares aisle, I literally squealed in delight!
The prices were unimaginably low. So low that I had to refrain myself from overloading the cart with vintage china! I spent at least twenty minutes sorting through $0.29 china, only daring to take my favorite ones home. I didn't want them to think I was some crazy plate hoarder lady!


Racks on Racks on Racks

There were a ton of awesome things at The Foundry Super Thrift Outlet. They had too many aisles of clothes to count. I didn't even dare venture into those aisles for fear I would have wasted all my time searching. 

There were also rows and rows of office furniture, sofas, and chairs. All were so affordable! Thank goodness we were in the SUV! Otherwise, we would have been hauling home a huge load of furniture that day.

They also had racks upon racks, and I mean shoe store racks, of shoes! My hunk went on ahead of me and found a pair of Roxy and Converse One-Star sneakers. Score! I snatched both those babies up for less than $8. All the name brand shoes were just as reasonably priced as everything else in the store.

Oh, I forgot to mention the sporting goods and electronics sections. Both sections have their own dedicated space, each big enough to be a store in itself. I didn't spend much time in either section; I left that browsing up to the hunk as I oohed and aahed over the furniture section.

That's All Folks

Our first day thrifting turned out pretty darn awesome! We already anticipate our next trip to The Foundry Super Thrift Outlet in Fairfield. Me especially, because the hunk said I could go wild in the dinnerware section! There is also an outlet store in Pell City that we did not know about. It is definitely  now on our "places to thrift" list.

As I mentioned earlier, The Foundry is a great organization that you can read about on their website. Their ministry has positively impacted the lives of several people that I love dearly. If you are ever in Alabama near Cullman, Fairfield, or Pell City and looking for an awesome place to thrift, stop by one of the outlets and see the awesomeness for yourself.

Stay thrifty, my friends!




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