My Maw Maw’s Sewing Cabinet Overhaul


My Sentimental Junk

Yay! It's makeover time! Do you have a piece of furniture that has been held on to in your family, even though it's considered a piece of junk to outsiders? And its only value to you is purely sentimental? Otherwise, that hunk of ugly junk would have been donated, or in the trash heap, long ago?

I admit, we have a couple of those in our household. One of those pieces is a sewing machine cabinet that belonged to my late great-grandmother.




Country Chic Paint to the Rescue

Then,  Country Chic Paint came to the rescue and sent us some supplies to try out. Now was definitely the time to start a new makeover project! We had heard so much about this spectacular VOC free paint and we were uber excited to try it! So, of course, the sewing machine cabinet came to mind!

At first, I was a little reluctant to even consider marring her beautiful, gracefully aged skin. However, I knew that in the long run, I would only be beautifying her and increasing her longevity.



Makeover Time

After prepping and sanding her aged top for painting, she was ready for a new attitude. She wants to get wild and funky in her old age! 

We chose Country Chic Paint's All-In-One Décor Paint in Vanilla Frosting as the sewing cabinet's new color. She took two coats and had already began to look like new!

This fancy lady wants a makeover that will get noticed though! She's no vanilla! So, we gave her worn top a new coat of gorgeous glam with Country Chic Paint's Metallic Accent Cream in Pocket Watch. We loved this cream and can not wait to use it again! It went on so beautiful and smooth.


That's Not All!

After all that pampering, she was still begging for a little more pizzazz. We used County Chic Paint's Image Transfer Medium to decoupage a floral and striped print onto her front side. Then, to top that off, we added some cute green knobs to replace her broken handle. Now, she was rockin'!



This beauty, in all her newfound glory, will surely grace our home for many years to come!



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