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Adventure Time!

A few weeks ago, the hunk and I headed South for a little junkin' adventure. We took the back roads, visited a few stores, ate at a few new places, and the hunk got to see a some new convenience stores. He has a thing, lol. It was so much fun! We visited several places along the way there and back. But out of all those places, one stood out among the others by far. That place was Alford Avenue Antiques in Hoover, AL.


When you pull up to the store, there are several lovely, colorful patio sets... as if inviting you to come sit and have brunch or a cup of tea. After browsing around the outside storefront for a few, we decided to head in and take a look. Little did we know what awaited us.

Is It Christmas Morning?!

My gosh! It was like the clock had skipped forward to Christmas morning! The hunk and I were both in sheer heaven! Everywhere as far as the eye could see was sweet, pristine antique and vintage galore. And when I say pristine, I mean it. This was the absolute nicest and cleanest antique store into which we have ever ventured.


Alford Avenue Antiques has literal tons of unique and never before seen in the wild items. We had several favorites before we left the store. There is a lucite Chromcraft dinette set just as you walk in the door that is to die for!


And if you are shopping for a new chandelier, Alford Avenue is the place to go. I guarantee they will have one that matches your style. Our faves were these two.


But believe me, there were plenty to choose from! I can see why there is a chandelier on their logo. We had never seen so many chandeliers in one place. The pic below isn't even half of them!


The hunk and I both have lamp fethishes, so when we ran across this Gothic style lamp, we loved it so much we stood there and considered redecorating our bedroom to have an excuse to buy it!


All the Details

The owner, Sandra Plenty DeMoss, has been in the business since 2010. The business was started as a way to show how antiques, vintage, and modern décor could work together to blend family heirlooms with Pottery Barn trends. It is also an outlet for the fabulous finds that did not find a home at the estate sales that they conduct. The store has been on Alford Avenue since May 2016 and they just celebrated their one year anniversary.


If you are in the Hoover area, we highly recommend that you make a trip to Alford Avenue Antiques. The amazing treasures you will find there will surely delight you! They are located at 1218 Alford Ave, Hoover, AL 35226.

You can also see the awesomeness for yourself here -

Instagram - @alfordavenueantiques

Facebook - Alford Avenue Antiques

Etsy - Fab and Affordable

Twitter - @AlfordAvenue


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