Yard Sale Shelf to Salon-Style Beauty

You Never Know What You May Find

If you are like us Junque Market folk, you randomly stop at yard sales whenever you come across one. Last summer, my hunk was going somewhere and spotted a good yard sale that he couldn’t pass up. Unfortunately, I was still at my 9 to 5. Not fair, right?!? Well, at this yard sale, he came across an interesting looking shelf. Guess how much he paid for it. Only 5 bucks! He always finds the good deals...and I am only just a tad bit jealous of that, lol.

What to Do, What to Do

I knew instantly that I loved it and wanted to keep it. But what was I gonna do with it? I finally decided that I wanted a common place for all our nail polishes to be stored. At the time, they were scattered throughout the house in bedrooms and bathroom cabinets. That’s life with three ladies who love to be dolled up! This shelf was perfect, especially with its narrow shelves, to store our nail polishes. To me, those columns are just a great way to keep the polishes o...
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