French Country Chic Mirror

Extras Are the Coolest

Sometime last year, the hubba bubba and I decided we needed a new media center for our living room. We went directly to the online ads and resell apps to find the perfect piece to repurpose. It didn't take long for us to find a vintage dresser with a mirror for a very affordable price. It perfectly met our criteria and suited the needs that we had in mind. CCP1 The dresser that we purchased to convert just happened to be the type that came with a mirror attached on a metal stand. We oohed and aahed over the uniqueness of the mirror for a short time before we stuck a screwdriver to it. After we removed it, we set it to the side in the shop and kinda forgot about it.

Makeover for the Forgotten One

Then, a few weeks ago, we decided that now was her time to come back to life and shine in the 21st century. At first, we thought we wanted to do a metallic look. Thankfully, our better judgment took over... which means I told the mister no more gold! Lol!...
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